This tryptic book series, based on the You-Tube Channel, SEE U IN HISTORY. They specialize in the teaching of mythology around the world. This hypothetical tryptic series promotes the learning of Mythology as well as the entertainment of their viewers.
See U In History / Mythology YouTube channel offers amazing, short videos that are both educational and fun to watch! Their video,“The Bird that is Reborn from Ashes”, takes you back in time to witness Egypt's infamous lore of immortality.
See U In History/ Mythical Beastiary YouTube channel creatively describes one of Japan’s infamous myths. Dive into the mythology of a Kitsune through their cunningness and ability to shapeshift. Learn how Japan compared women through the enchanting lore of the beautiful fox spirit! 
See U In History/Mythical Beastiary YouTube channel takes you on a thrilling ride with this epic Norse folklore. Read to find out about the Jormangandr’s unimaginable size and journey around the world!      

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